1. Beta RollOut Completion

  • Phase 1 (Closed Beta)
    ✅ Closed Beta Rollout Phase 1

    ✅ Launch $SCAR NFT Marketplace
    ✅ Closed Beta Rollout Phase 1.1

  • Phase 2 (Closed Beta on Distribution Platforms)
    • Launch Closed Beta Rollout Phase 2 on Steam
    • Launch Closed Beta Rollout Phase 2.1 on Android (Google Play)
    • Launch Closed Beta Rollout Phase 2.2 on iOS (App Store)

  • Phase 3 (Open Beta Monetization)
    • Release In-game Import/export feature for $SCAR, $VEL and NFTs
    • Available Web2 In-App Purchasing (IAP) of merchandise
      • On Steam
      • On Google Play
      • On App Store
    • Open Beta Testing (Monetization Testing with Game reset)
      • Ability to earn in-game token $VEL and NFTs
      • Export $VEL and NFTs packages to NFT marketplace
      • Import $VEL and NFTs packages to game
    • Live Transition
      • Twitter/Facebook Login System Release
      • ScarQuest Full Launch
      • (Monetization without Game reset)

2. Game on & Marketing Project

    ✅ Release Scarquest Road Map 2.0

  • Influencer Marketing Campaign
    ✅ Neo Tokyo AMA with Elite Citizen group

    • Neo Tokyo AMA with all Citizen
    • Launch ScarQuest marketing ambassador program
    • Targeting of web3 influencers on YouTube and X with 100k+ sub count for posts and shoutouts
    • Launch gaming space AMA campaign targeting 75k+ followers

  • ✅ Removal of $SCAR Taxes to 0/0

  • Ads and Listing Campaign
    • Paid ads on
    • List game on opBNB
    • List $SCAR on first CEX

  • Web3 Collaboration Campaign
    • BNB Chain X collaboration
    • Target popular organizations and communities in the web3 space
    • Seek partnerships with other projects for collaborative NFT reveals
    • Offer advertisements for in-game billboards and decorative assets

  • Rewards and giveaways
    • Launch a new in-game reward system including staking mercenary forces and land dividends
    • Host in-game land raffles for a chance to win lands from gameplay
    • Host giveaway events for community participation in raids

  • Multichain adoption campaign
    • Launch special edition NFTs on other chains that can be traded on the ScarQuest marketplace
    • Target up and coming gaming blockchains to incentivize user growth
    • Create bridges and import functionality to the game across other chains

  • Community Decentralization Initiative
    ✅ Form ScarQuest Community Marketing Initiative (CM
    I) group

    • Begin token/land gated community program
    • Hold votes for decisions made about tokenomics, exchange listings, and game patches

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