ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) MetaVerse Explodes onto the

Crypto NFT Gaming Scene

Crypto gaming and NFTs are fast becoming the biggest sectors in the cryptocurrency space. With the release of the newest addition to this part of the realm, Velhalla, there are some big changes and opportunities coming that could change the way that the gaming world and the world of crypto interact. 

Velhalla, a PvP Play-to Earn MetaVerse crypto game combines Norse lore with cyberpunk, and gives players the opportunity to earn rewards including game based NFTs and SCAR, the official Velhalla based cryptocurrency. It is based on the Velas blockchain which is the fastest EVM in the world with up to 75,000 TPS using the Solana Code base, and is the first project to be invited into the $100,000,000 Velas grant program. To date, Velhalla is currently the best performing project that has been incubated by BlueZillla. Launched on VLX PadGameZone, and NFT Launch, the SCAR token hit a high of 635x during its initial launch day.

As the first MetaVerse project on the Velas Blockchain, Velhalla looks to pave the way to the future of crypto gaming by partnering with one of the top mobile development firms. Velhalla has also partnered with Swapz to provide easy bridging of the SCAR token from PancakeSwap to WagyuSwap and back, and with WagyuSwap to allow holders to stake their SCAR to earn WAG (the WagyuSwap token), and holders will also be able to stake WAG to earn SCAR which can be used during game play. In the future, the Velhalla team plans to expand its partnerships and collaborations even further into the crypto space.

The online/video gaming world in this day and age has now become the largest section of the entertainment industry, grossing more than $65 billion this year. Combined with the NFT market, now worth more than $10 billion, Velhalla is now in a realm where legends are made, and is on its way to becoming the next major player in the NFT/Crypto gaming world.


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