Building The Ultimate Action Metaverse - Session 1

A deep dive into the creation of ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla)

The Creators of Velhalla have spoken! A newly released developer update video from the creative minds behind Velhalla, has been set upon our world.

The Velhalla DEV meeting video is an in depth update on what the world of Velhalla will be. Token holders and curious viewers alike now have the opportunity to see a sneak peak of what the development team behind this highly anticipated game have in store for future players.

In this video, viewers will see details about the art style of the characters and landscape (3:06 – 6:56), the architecture and geography of the planet (6:57 – 17:25), the in-game economics including NFT items, and how land will be purchased and sold (17:26 – 27:25), and what’s to come in the next step of production (27:25 – 32:15). 

The DEVs have also announced that there will be monthly video updates released at the end of every month to keep all those who shall dwell in Velhalla in the loop on sneak peaks and future updates. 

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