What is SCAR?

An in depth look into the official token of ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla)

SCAR, the official token of the upcoming NFT crypto game Velhalla was launched on November 16, 2021 on VelasPad, GameZone, and NFTLaunch with great success. It was the #1 trending coin on Gem Hunters within 24 hours. Within minutes of its initial launch, SCAR was listed on Coin Gecko and maintained the #8 trending coin spot through November of last year and is the best gaming IDO project release in November 2021 by Velas Insider. Velhalla is part of Velas $100 Million Grants Program, which benefits from recruitment, networking, marketing, grants, technical and research.

SCAR is built in the Velas Network in accordance with the VRC20 standard for tokens, and can be purchased and traded on PancakeSwap via BCS Network and on WagyuSwap via The Velas Network. The contract address can be found on our official Twitter at https://twitter.com/ScarQuestand on our official Velhalla website at https://scarquest.com.

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