ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) Comic Book NFTs are here!

The ScarQuest Releases the first of their Comic Book NFTs with great success

The long awaited day of the release of the Velhalla MetaVerse Comic Series NFTs was a major success with all copies of the first chapter completely selling out within 24 hours! A big thanks to all those who participated in the sale, and thank you to the Velhalla community for your support and patience!

As with any major launch of any kind, mishaps can come up that can
change the course of a release, and with the Velhalla NFT comic release,
that mishap ended with multiple holders accidentally purchasing multiple copies of a few of the pages of the comic due to a glitch and many people having to learn how to use Quick Swap in order to make their purchase. But fortunately, the Velhalla Community is a great and supportive collective! Many holders were delighted to find that they had inadvertently received multiples of the valuable and potentially rare NFTs. In order to give people around the world a chance at the collection, the Velhalla team staggered their release in order to overlay different time zones, which added to the success of the launch.

Holders of the NFTs have already begun trading which will not only increase the value of the first chapter, but all upcoming NFT releases from the Velhalla MetaVerse as holders scramble to add every page to their collection, earning major perks and prizes along the way! Each chapter will have a special Silver Edition and super rare Gold Edition character that you can only earn by collecting an entire chapter (5 pages) for the Silver, and a full comic (25 pages) for the Gold. Those lucky few that bought the first 5 pages of Book 1: Dawn of Velhalla, will receive the Silver Edition Iron Fist Bor Gorilla, and be on their way to collecting the coveted Gold Arm Borr! Each full comic will have a different special rare character to collect, so be sure to get your hands on the Velhalla Comic Series NFTs and start your NFT comic collection before they’re gone!

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