ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla): A scarce digital real estate like no other

ScarQuest limited land holds rare potential

With planetary MetaVerse gaming progressing further into the NFT/crypto space, many crypto gaming projects are gaining momentum with virtual real estate and digital property. Crypto gaming platforms like Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Star Atlas give the opportunity to purchase pieces of virtual land that holders can expand on at any time. With these crypto gaming projects, the available land that they offer is always expanding… continuously growing to increase the amount of potential purchasers.But, as many holders and crypto enthusiasts know, rarity and scarcity are what create true gems in the crypto space, and the Velhalla MetaVerse is where that rarity could be.

As the very first MetaVerse with a limited amount of available land, the Velhalla MetaVerse has the potential to be in a similar realm as other limited supply projects such as Crypto Punks and the super limited Bitcoin…once they’re gone, they’re gone! The scarcity of the available land on the Velhalla planet will not only increase the demand to obtain a piece of land by holders, but also has the potential to create a new base line precedent for future gaming projects by introducing digital property scarcity into the crypto gaming space. Velhalla’s unique planetary design creates land scarcity by being the first crypto game that is developed as a round planet instead of flat land. This creates a finite amount of land that will fit within the planet that can not be added to.

As an added bonus, holders of any land on the Velhalla gaming planet will be able to trade with other players/holders in the game. Each plot of land will be easy to navigate for those on the search for in-game resources to help build their in-game status, along with loot boxes that will contain characters that can be upgraded in the game.

Velhalla’s limited availability of land looks to be a potential golden opportunity for purchasers to be the first to get a hold of a piece of virtual real estate in a MetaVerse with such scarcity. The cyborg-viking themed project has so far been at the forefront in many aspects of the NFT/crypto gaming world, and this is just the beginning. Rarity is a quality that many in the crypto space look for in a successful project, and that rarity may dwell within Velhalla.

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