ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) Chapter 3: The Wolf of Amaranthine has come!

Chapter 3 in the ScarQuest comic series is unleashed upon the NFT space

The third installment in Velhalla’s comic NFT series was released on February 24 to a growing fan base in the NFT/crypto space. Fans of the project and NFT collectors alike were eager to get their hands on the next chapter in the epic series and for those who may think that it is too late…you still have a chance! Although page 13 from chapter 3 has completely sold out, there is still opportunity to get a hold of pages 11, 12, 14, and 15 to add to your Velhalla comic collection. 

All those who are well versed in the crypto world know that there is always the potential for growth…the world of crypto is ever-changing day by day, minute by minute. There is always an opportunity waiting just around the corner that could turn into something that everyone wants to add to their bag. 

Both the first and second chapters in the comic series sold out within just a few days of their initial launch, and it is only a matter of time before chapter 3 follows suit. Through the trials and tribulations of smart contract updates on OpenSea and network processing issues with Polygon, Velhalla’s chapter 3 comic was still able to prevail and sell nearly all copies of the chapter, with only a small amount of pages remaining for interested NFT holders to collect before they’re gone. 

With many holders of the current chapters looking to collect the coveted Iron Fist Borr NFT and the super rare Gold Arm Borr, the opportunity to attain these valuable special NFT characters still lies within the pages of the third chapter’s pages that are ready to be claimed. 

The series is continuing to draw attention from not only the growing and supportive community which has stuck by the project from its inception, but is also gaining attention from the NFT holders in the crypto space who are looking to add a potential major player to their crypto /NFT portfolio. 

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