ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) releases their 4th Developer Update Video

February has come gone and another Velhalla Development update is here! In the newest DEV update video the creators behind the upcoming game discuss the comic NFT series that has had major success in the NFT space (1:43 – 3:37 – Chapter 2 & 3 NFTs), how the engineering of the planet of Velhalla is progressing (4:05 – 5:50 – Planet Engineering and Graphic Render), and info on how to claim the Crystal Highlands in the game (7:00 – 7:21 – On claiming Crystal Highlands). Along with how land and resources can be purchased (7:33 – 8:10 – Land Resources & Purchasing), details on how the land design is progressing (8:34 – 9:24 Details of lands) and how the loot boxes will play into the game are discussed (9:40 – 10:58 – Lootbox Inclusions) and you can see a sneak peak at the 3D rendering of the in game characters! (14:04 – 16:46 – In-game Characters 3D Render). Building design (17:36 – 21:07 – Buildings & Decorations), more info on the in-game economy (23:48 – 24:22 – Game Economy Plans), and an announcement about the highly anticipated upcoming land sale (25:40 – 26:56 – March Landsale & Announcements) all await in February’s DEV update! 


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