ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) Releases Their Latest DEV Update!

A deep dive into Velhalla’s upcoming Battle Gameplay and more

March and April have gone… and the latest Velhalla MetaVerse DEV Update is finally here! For those who have patiently waited for this update, your wait shall not have been in vain!

In this update video, the developers discuss some major progress that has been made over the past two months in the Vellhalla Metaverse including an update on the comic series (1:15 – 2:22), the Velhalla land sales (2:23 – 3:20), and the upcoming land upgrades! (3:21 – 5:00). One of the most exciting aspects of this months’ update is the in-depth discussion on the core battle gameplay (5:01 – 14:20), the in-game battle concepts (5:01 – 6:25), the different faction characteristics (6:26 – 7:22), defensive tile combinations that can be utilized in the game (7:23 – 8:20), basic battle flow ( 8:21 – 9:39), and the deck rules for the game (9:40 – 14:20). A look into the art production (14:21 – 20:20), the in game characters ( 14:29-18:34), and the construction of the buildings in the game (18:35 – 20:20) all await in the newest DEV update along with the next steps in line for development! (20:21 – 22:47)

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