ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) Metaverse Land Upgrade Info and Rewards

A deeper discussion of the Land Upgrade Feature

The long wait is over. Months have passed yet now we arrived at the most awaited part, to use your SCAR Tokens and upgrade your land. The developers have listened so here are the benefits and rewards you can get. Let’s dig into more details on how land upgrades work:

1. Use the SCAR token to upgrade the land. Upgrade pricing is based on converting SCAR to USD value at the time of upgrade attempt.

2. Different land types require different SCAR amounts to upgrade. Each upgrade is a roll of dice to attempt an upgrade.

3. Scar Airdrop rewards start from level 2 (2 stars).  The higher the land level the more rewards it will receive.

4. Land upgrades may be unsuccessful, however with successful upgrades, there is a small chance to upgrade more than 1 level. Upgrades increase in difficulty for lands with more stars.

5. Airdrops money back rewards period: Paid back daily based on USDT value over 270 days starting from the time of any upgrade.

6. Early upgraders will get more rewards. Here is a chart explaining how it works.

This applies to successful upgrades.

WEEK 1 – you will get an average of around 100% of your money back

WEEK 2 – you will get an average of around 95% of your money back

WEEK 3 – you will get an average of around 90% of your money back

WEEK 4 – you will get an average of around 85% of your money back

WEEK 5 and onwards – you will get an average of around 80% of your money back

7. Lands upgraded to level 10+ are qualified to join future land staking rewards (Details TBD)

Now, let’s see the additional Land Upgrade Bonuses:

1. Land upgrades will be discounted by 50% across the board. Each week the price will increase slightly until it reaches the normal set price.

2. Every piece of land that has 5 or more stars will receive a random airdrop once a month. The higher your land quality and star count the higher the chance of receiving a more valuable drop. This could be anything from a 1-star unit/character, some SCAR, in-game items, Rare in-game NFTs, all the way up to a Crystal Highland Drop. We will announce the list of possible drops and drop dates next week. These drops will only be for the next 6 months.

3. Starting next week for a limited 30-day period you will have the ability to upgrade a piece of land all the way to 15 stars. After the 30 days is up, the land will only be able to achieve 10 stars rating. In other words, 11-15 star lands will be extremely rare in the game.


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