ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla): The MetaVerse that Could and Will

ScarQuest stays strong through any storm!

Is the dreaded bear market upon us? No one can yet say for sure, and most wouldn’t want it to be said! Although most projects out there in the crypto realm may see a possible downturn time as a period of reclusion, the Velhalla MetaVerse sees it as a time to show what we are truly made of. 

In the crypto world, many people know the satisfying feeling of watching the numbers in their crypto bag grow…the rush of watching your investments thrive while making amazing gains on projects that you’re backing. With multiple major goals still to come on the roadmap to the final game, the Velhalla team is committed to ensure that all those who await its final release shall not have waited in vain.

Many milestones have already been reached by the cyborg-viking soon to be giant gaming MetaVerse since the launch of Velhalla on November 16, 2021. Velhalla exploded onto the crypto scene and has been developing and releasing content and updates on a regular basis, setting the bar higher and higher as we move closer to the full game release in December of this year. 

As the first planetary based crypto game, the minds behind Velhalla have no intention of slowing down. All those who are involved in the community can attest to that fact with many having participated in the planetary land sales, land upgrades and the release of the Comic Series NFTs which will continue throughout the year.  

With even more content, updates, and releases on the way, Velhalla is here to stay! The super dedicated community that has helped to spread the word about Velhalla through comments, Telegram discussions, and even a Discord Velhalla comic book theory group have all played an integral part in the current success of this project. The Gods have seen and heard all those from the community, and Velhalla thanks all of the brave warriors out there for your support…the journey to Velhalla has only just begun!

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