The Secrets Behind the ScarQuest (formerly known as Velhalla) MetaVerse

How Velhalla is building the new era of GameFi 

There are seemingly endless amounts of projects in the crypto space that all claim to have their own special qualities and incentives meant to keep the crypto community interested in what they have to offer. Many in the game-fi space have learned that finding a true gem of a project can be a potentially rare occurrence, especially one that not only delivers on their promises, but delivers them well. This is where the Velhalla MetaVerse has already begun to differ from the rest of the crypto crowd and will continue to do so in the future.

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Strong Community = A Strong Foundation

When building an entire metaverse, having the support of an entire community is a major benefit to any upcoming project, and with that community comes vital feedback, questions, and opinions that can play an integral role in making a project that better suits its supporters. The team behind Velhalla knows this fact well and has listened to the community and adapted to feedback in ways that have helped the entire project move forward. 

Velhalla community members have the opportunity to share their insights and opinions on the game development by tuning in to the official Telegram Voice Chat every week, along with a massive chat room where any and all questions about the project can be answered by the team moderators who are always willing and able to help. Add that to the entire list of YouTube videos that are a valuable resource for those who are in search of any Velhalla related tutorials and you have a well-oiled community based project that knows how to utilize the value of its supporters’ opinions.

Creativity at its finest: Developing a high quality game with NFTs to match

Having a solid base of community support is just one major part of the unique foundation that sets Velhalla apart from many other projects. The veteran development team of 40+ skilled artists behind Velhalla has utilized one of a kind gaming graphics, a unique planetary/land visualization system, and special character designs to make Velhalla unlike anything else out there in the crypto space. Each month, the developers give a look into their creative process behind the game including in depth updates on their artistic planetary design, in-game battle strategy ideas, and what their next steps in the development process will be. 

Comic book NFTs…yet another major part of Velhalla that stands out in the crypto gaming world. Although there are plenty of crypto gaming projects in the space, there are not many that can say that they are offering collectable game-based comic book style NFTs. Similar to the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), which Velhalla recently invited Ape holders into their own private group within the Velhalla project, owning one of these rare comic NFTs comes with a whole list of rewards and benefits including access to exclusive groups, content, and rewards. Even those who do not own one of Velhalla’s NFTs can still take part in any of the giveaways and contests that the team offers to the community on a regular basis.

With a world class development team, continuous community involvement, engaging content, and a major partnership with Velas Blockchain, one of the fastest EVM blockchains in the crypto space, Velhalla has all the makings of a major player in game-fi. The road to the full game release has many more exciting things to come, and the team is sure to continue to deliver even more content that makes us uniquely Velhalla.  

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