ScarQuest Dev Update Session 6: The Mini Game Has Arrived!

The long awaited ScarQuest mini game is now upon us and the Great Creators of ScarQuest have presented their monthly Developer Update Video with all the info you need to play. 

In the latest update video, the developers discuss multiple aspects of the Mini Game (5:20 – 12:05), the development behind the game (9:59 – 10:53), and give motion demo for the game (10:54 – 11:10). They also go over the art production (12:06 – 17:30), the character art style (12:13 – 13:25), 3D character design (13:26 – 14:39), character actions (14:40 – 16:09), and how they have developed the buildings for the game (16:10 – 17:10). To end this month’s update, the DEVs offer up the next big steps in line as we move forward towards the highly anticipated release of the full game (17:31 – 20:50). 

To play the mini game, cost per play is 50 SCAR (USD $0.20).

80% of the profits will be distributed among the several reward pools and can be played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

1 winner takes 15% of the rewards pool

4 winners share 35% of the rewards pool

30 winners share 30% of the rewards pool

100 winners share 20% of the rewards pool

Only one player (wallet address) can be part of a pool at any given time and no “double dipping”. As a bonus, any owners of Velhalla land NFTs can play for free once per day. With each play, you have a chance to win the Exclusive Rare Mole NFT which will be a master harvester in the game. 

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