ScarQuest Comic Series Chapter 6 NFTs Now Available

Queen Kara Makes Her Debut

Chapter 6 of the Velhalla comic series is now available and Queen Kara has arrived…

With this next chapter, holders will have the chance to collect the rare silver and gold editions of our newest in-game character, Queen Kara, the fierce leader of the Warriors. As one of the great protectors of the legendary Axe of Tears, her ancestral heritage and bloody past has added to her tyrannical reputation throughout Velhalla, and now, you will have the opportunity to add her to your Velhalla NFT collection.

There are only two ways that you can collect the pages of our comic series: you can purchase the comic pages on our official OpenSea page or, if you are a 5 star landowner, you can receive pages of the comic series through our monthly airdrops.

Exclusive Rare In-game NFT

For those who are able to collect all the pages necessary to claim a golden Queen Kara, you will gain access to our exclusive Gold Member Discord Group. As a Gold Member, you will have access to our exclusive giveaways, first hand developer updates and meetings, and in-game items that are only available to Gold Members. There is a limited amount of spaces available to join based on how many Golden character NFTs are available, including the increasingly rare Gold Arm Borr. Obtaining these rare in-game characters could be advantageous for future players and now is your chance to get a hold of as many as possible before they’re gone! Don’t miss your chance to start collecting and cement your place among our Gold Members.  

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