The Best MetaVerse Community Dwells Within ScarQuest!

Ask almost anyone what it means to have a solid community and the support of those that believe in what you are trying to achieve, and most people will tell you that community support is one of, if not the most important and valuable part of any project. The ScarQuest team would like to extend a giant thank you to all of the honorable Warriors, Velonians, Mutants, and Cyborgs of ScarQuest! All of your comments, tweets, likes, shares, and patience have helped the realm of ScarQuest to move forward and are continuing to do so!  

We would also like to say thank you to everyone in our community who joined in our contests including the lucky winners of the Cybored Ape NFT giveaway and our Mole Run Mini Game, and congratulations to the Winners of our Fan Art Contest

1st:  huyhii#6346 

2nd:  mjrv2812#7967

3rd:  Ardant21 

4th:  holaforex#3380

5th:  Sujayxd#5383

And the Winners of our very First Meme Contest

1st:  Maui8515-VBG#9426

2nd: Swap Mate#6480 

3rd:  Raj-VBG#2873

4th:  ra#4229      

5th:  jdxo#1045  

Over the past few months, the ScarQuest team has achieved some major goals on our roadmap including our loot box and in-game land sale, the land upgrade, the release of chapters 1-6 in our collectible NFT comic series, and, after much anticipation, the release of our mini game! Even with all of these goals and many others fulfilled, our team shall continue to grind to bring our awesomely supportive community the best game that we can. The month of August will be yet another month filled with major updates as we move closer to the release of our full game with more content, more NFT comics, and more giveaways, so stay tuned and don’t miss out on what’s to come in ScarQuest!

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