ScarQuest x BNB-Chain: AMA Highlights

Joined by the brains behind the game, we’re here to spill the beans on all the exciting details with BNB-Chain!

A Voyage from Velhalla to ScarQuest:

Let’s kick things off with ScarQuest’s origin story. It emerged as Velhalla, underwent a rebranding evolution, and then the tower defense game set in a Viking-themed world, inspired by Clash Royale, was born. The journey from Alpha to Beta has been a collaborative effort, shaped by the valuable feedback from our awesome community.

Gameplay and Web3 Awesomeness:

The ScarQuest gaming experience is nothing short of thrilling. Quick matches last just a couple of minutes, where players strategize around the unique abilities of in-game characters. Here’s the cool part: ScarQuest is free-to-play, meaning you can jump into the action without needing NFTs or tokens. However, for those seeking an extra edge, NFT integration introduces lands, units, and comics, offering a unique advantage.

$SCAR Token and Keeping the Economy Strong:

Enter the $SCAR token—the heartbeat of ScarQuest’s economy. Alongside internal tokens like Honor and Vel, it rewards players for their achievements. ScarQuest is all about maintaining a sustainable ecosystem and ensuring the $SCAR token remains robust and valuable.

Embracing Web2 Players and Mass Adoption:

ScarQuest is for everyone, not just crypto wizards. We’re strategically focusing on bringing in Web2 players, allowing flexibility to play without a wallet. Whether it’s through social networks or established platforms like Steam, PlayStore, and AppStore, accessibility for traditional players is a top priority.

The Future Unveiled:

The ScarQuest commitment to improvement is unwavering. Exciting releases on platforms like Steam, AppStore, and PlayStore are on the horizon. Brace yourselves for Phase 4, where the import and export of Web3 assets will take ScarQuest to new heights.

BNB-Chain Chronicles:

The ScarQuest x BNB-Chain journey kicked off at the end of 2021. Why the BNB-Chain? Because it’s a success story with robust support and a vibrant community. Participation in Binance Live solidified our confidence in the magical synergy between BNB-Chain and ScarQuest.

Celebrating the Hispanic Community and Dreaming Big:

A big shoutout to our incredible Hispanic community! ScarQuest values the enriching experience and stands as a bridge between Web2 and Web3. The dream is simple but ambitious: reaching millions of users in both the crypto and gaming realms, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

The community came in strong with questions, and we loved every bit of it. From ALPHA version details to addressing scalability and game balancing, we covered it all. The ScarQuest team spilled the beans on security challenges, the origin of the ScarQuest name, guidance for beginners, token profitability, player retention strategies, and even the integration of real-life with Artificial Intelligence.

As the AMA session concluded, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the community for their engaging questions. Congratulations to the winners of Golden Thorsun, Arrakis Citadel, and Drakkar NFTs! To all the new players joining us, a warm welcome as we wrap up this insightful AMA.

ScarQuest continues to march forward, blending innovation, community engagement, and a commitment to inclusivity in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. As we say goodbye to this enlightening AMA, the journey of ScarQuest is gearing up for some seriously exciting chapters. Stay tuned for more updates, adventures, and the thrill of the ScarQuest universe!

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