10 Reasons Why You Should Own Part of the Metaverse

The MetaVerse is fast becoming a space where people from all around the world can connect to the crypto and NFT space in ways that many would have never thought possible in the past. Now, anyone can easily become part of a Metaverse space and join thousands, potentially millions of other people in an online world where almost anything is possible from purchasing acres of digital land to build an empire to real world applications that can earn you rewards. But for those who are still wondering whether or not they should hop on the Metaverse train, here are 10 reasons why it’s definitely a good idea.

1. It’s a place where you can meet people with the same interests

Over the past couple of years, many would say that being part of a community is something that can have a significant effect on a persons’ mindset. Sharing the same or similar interests with those around you can create a great sense of community and inclusivity, and for those who have stepped into the Metaverse, it is a space where you can interact with a multitude of other people from around the world that like what you like! You can have an engaging conversation with a fellow Velhalla player and create friendships and in-game alliances with someone who is half way around the world! Or, you could join an exclusive NFT chat group where you and thousands of others can join in on special events while discussing your shared NFT/MetaVerse interest.

2. You can be rewarded for all your hard work while gaming

Online gaming has become a massive industry that has surpassed many other facets of the entertainment industry. With so many people turning to online gaming not just for entertainment, but for the money making potential, the Metaverse is a perfect place for those who are looking to utilize their gaming skills to earn some extra cash. There are multiple Metaverse gaming platforms where your in-game rewards and in-game wins can be transformed into a potential source of income with P2E (Play to Earn) games, including the upcoming full Velhalla game. 

3. You can live your second life as virtually anything you want!

Imagine an online world where you can become the astronaut that you wanted to be when you were a kid…or maybe you want to become a super spy or a 4 eyed alien? Maybe you have always wanted to know what it might be like to be a tree? Whatever jiggles your imaginative jello, you can become  within the Metaverse. Think of it as the first step towards a fully immersive virtual world where you can become anything that you want. With the multitude of GameFi platforms that have been released and are soon to be released, the creative possibilities are endless. Whether you have always wanted to know what it would be like to become a major business mogul or a cyborg gorilla, you have the opportunity to see what it could be like within the gaming Metaverse.

4. Owning a digital asset in the Metaverse puts you one step closer to the future of online transactions and asset creation 

The digital age has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people all around the globe. From checking your bank statements on your phone to sending an email to a friend, digital transactions have become part of everyday life. Now, imagine a space where you could securely show proof of your ownership of a mortgage or car title? Or maybe you are the owner of a super rare piece of art that you are trying to sell to someone 3,000 miles away and you want to make sure that your transaction is secure? 

With the use of blockchain technology in the Metaverse, every day transactions from the small to the major would become part of a more secure network where proof of ownership is always in your hands. At this point in time, people everywhere are able to buy, sell, and create all kinds of items within the Metaverse from digital land to works of art that they can hang in their homes, making the Metaverse the next evolutionary step in asset creation and transactions not just in the digital realm, but the real world as well.


5. You can own digital real estate

Owning a piece of land is an aspiration that many people have at some point in life, but not everyone is able to afford to purchase a plot of land. Here’s where digital real estate can help to level the land purchasing playing field. There are multiple gaming/NFT platforms in the crypto Metaverse space that allow people to purchase land in the digital space for all kinds of uses and potential future utilities. Currently, most digital real estate is in the form of gaming land that can be bought and built upon to forge your in game empire. But the true utilization potential of digital real estate extends far beyond in-game land ownership. Imagine if you could purchase an affordable plot of land that you have full ownership of from the moment of purchase that you could do anything you want with…build a virtual reality store front for people to shop, create an entire Metaverse city that you can control, or maybe you just want to create a space for you and your online friends to meet up where you have full control…the possibilities are endless.

6. Businesses both big and small can increase social engagement while improving their work environment

We are now entering an age where working from home has become an increasingly common practice with many businesses across the globe both big and small. Virtual meetings on Zoom, online billing reports, and digital work loads have become the norm. Many companies are now beginning to see the major advantages that the Metaverse could potentially have including allowing businesses to connect and communicate with users and/or employees from around the globe in a more secure space and utilizing the Metaverse as a major marketing tool. Or say for instance a small business owner wants to expand their payment system to include forms of cryptocurrency for orders from other countries. The real world applications of Metaverse usage has the potential to reform how businesses are run through multiple aspects from virtual payment to allowing more people to work from home.


7. Exclusive access to all kinds of clubs, groups, and rewards

Many out there have heard of the Bored Ape Yacht Club…an exclusive club for those in the crypto space that have purchased one of the now famous Bored Ape NFTs that grants you access to a list of perks and bonuses. In today’s NFT space, many NFT/GameFi purchases come with advantages of owning a specific NFT or piece of land within a gaming Metaverse. With Velhalla as an example, owners of the comic NFT series have the opportunity to gain rewards like access to exclusive chat groups, contests, token giveaways, and in-game rewards that can give you a leg up when the game is released. Many GamFi Metaverse games even have rewards that can be claimed in person at specific events for holders.

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8. Metaverse interaction is the next Social Media upgrade 

Social media is now the biggest form of online interaction in the world. Millions of people hop online all hours of the day to interact with their friends, family, co-workers, read the news, and search for cat videos. In essence, this is exactly what the Metaverse is for. The Metaverse space at this point in time has already become a major space for people to interact with others in a gaming and/or social capacity, which adds validity to its future usage as a major platform for all social media interactions in the future.


9. Virtual Education Advancement

Virtual teaching has long been a part of many institutions, and with the increasing number of people who are looking for a more flexible and remote way of getting their schooling in either for themselves or their children, the Metaverse can become the perfect space for online learning. Parents could have a more involved approach with their kids schooling by studying with them in a virtual space, and adults that are getting back to school can have a more easily accessible online learning space that can be integrated into a busy day.


10. Bragging Rights

Simply put…Who wouldn’t want to be able to say that they own a castle on 30 acres of land, or that they fly a spaceship or fight viking cyborg kings in their down time? 

You have to admit…all of the possibilities that the Metaverse holds are pretty astounding. From owning a massive plot of digital land where you can build a business or an entire empire, to having the opportunity to join an exclusive club that offers awesome perks, the Metaverse space is the next major progression in online social and financial interaction. We are in an age of digital advancement where NFTs, crypto, and the Metaverse are shaping up to become the new norm not just for online gaming, but online and digital interactions of all kinds.

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